Pipework instalation

Our engineering Solutions is a multi-disciplined organization primarily engaged in engineering, pipeline projects of varying size and the design, manufacture and maintenance of process plant and equipment for the gaseous, chemical and power generation industries.

From installing a new compressed air, gas or waterline to complete factory fit outs and renewals, all of our pipework is undertaken by highly skilled, experienced operatives under the direct supervision of our managerment team.

The pipework projects can either be manufactured in-house or on site by highly skilled, coded welders and sheet metalworkers. As an additional offering, our site team can install our fabrications taking ownership of the process from end to end.

The materials used for our pipework installations include Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

The pipework projects we typically fabricate and install include :

  • Bulk Material Handling & Blow Pipe
  • Utility Piping – Water, Air, Steam, Condensate
  • Fuel-Oil & Gas
  • Process Pipework
  • Clean in place systems
  • Air Installation
  • Water tre atment systems
  • Chemical drainage systems
  • Chilled water systems
  • Steam and Condensate pipe installations
  • Control Piping