PT. PANCA DAYA INDONESIA PERSADA is an electromechanical company having special interest in electrical rewind, repairs and services, and also mechanical repairs, services and fabrication.

The companyis structured to provide a combination of related professional and technical services, thereby offering our clients a one-stop-shop opportunity.

The company consist of group of professional engineers and technicians, well known in the industry, providing clients with services to match their specific needs. The free-flow on information between divisions ensures promt services and flow up. Our company structure minimizes personnel turnover, favoring client relationship and competitive rates.

The scope of our services cover petrochemical, manutacturing industriesand powergeneration authorities.

The company and its loyal workforce look forward to becoming a major provider of high quality, skilled engineering services to all Indonesia heavy industry.

Within the company’s years of operation, we have made an impact in the electrical repair and servicing industry, such that it is now the preferred choice to all discerning organizations.

Surely PT. PANCA DAYA INDONESIA PERSADA has come to fill the gap in the industry.

Provision of qualitative engineering services aimed at positioning us at the top echelon of our business.

To give a unique engineering service of international standard to industries, helping our clients achieve their optimum production target and encourage a good maintenance culture.


  • Rewinding, Reconditioning & Repair services Rotor & Stator of low medium and high voltage of AC/DC Motor & Generator including Gear motors and
  • Traction motor.
  • Rewinding, Reconditioning & Repair services Distribution and power transformer.
  • Manufacture and Supply Electrical Panels.
  • Electrical installation including, but notlimited to rural electrification.


  • Dynamic balancinq, vibration analysis and Alignment of rotating equipment.
  • Reconditioning & Repair services of gas and diesel engine & Exhaust-gas Turbocharger.
  • Reconditioning & Repair services of single or multi stage Pumps.
  • Application of corrosion coating on pump, impeller and pipe lining.
  • Blasting, Painting and Prepentive Coating.
  • Pipe Work installation